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Many of our masks are made of latex, a malleable material which allows them to have awesome detailing to make your look extra effective. Latex’s ability to mould to a surface means that when you unpack your mask it may have temporarily been creased or taken on the shape of the packaging, but this is easily fixed.
1. First, try re-shaping the mask by hand by gently plying the latex with your hands. Stuff the mask with newspaper, plastic bags or tissue paper to reinforce the mask’s natural shape, then set it aside.
2. If this doesn’t work, use a hairdryer on the lowest setting to warm the affected area of the mask, keeping the hairdryer at least 30cm away to avoid damage to the mask. Use your hands to gently mould the latex back into shape.
3. Repeat the process until the mask has returned to the desired shape. Allow the latex to cool completely before wear.

Mask and Care


Care & Cleaning 

• To prolong the life of your mask, clean it inside and out with warm water and a mild soap after wear. Perspiration, makeup and your face’s natural oils are not good for the mask.
• Any hair attached to the mask should not be cleaned unless absolutely necessary. Starting at the ends of the hair and working up to the roots, brush the hair gently with a wide-tooth comb. Do not use a hairdryer on the hair as it is usually synthetic and will melt.



• After cleaning your mask, storing it carefully will allow you to use it again and again. After cleaning the mask, dust it with cornstarch or baby powder to discourage moisture and stop the mask from sticking to itself. Fill the mask with newspaper, balled up plastic bags or tissue paper so it retains its shape, then place in a plastic bag and seal it to prevent dust getting in.





Wear & Styling:

With a static-control brush, very gently brush your wig starting from the ends and carefully moving toward the top of the wig. For curled wigs, gently brush each curl individually to prevent the curls from unraveling.

If you wish to restyle your wig, never use any hot styling tools or blow dryers, as excessive heat can damage the fibers in your wig. Instead use cool rollers, pin curls or gentle brushing to achieve your desired look.

Care & Cleaning:

Place wig in cool or tepid water mixed with a mild shampoo and wash by gently pressing it into the soapy water. Rinse the wig thoroughly and gently towel dry, then place in a shaded area to air dry. If you wish to condition the wig, wash the wig following the instructions above, and then apply conditioner using the same method.

Caution: Never wash your wig in hot water.

You may notice a faint chemical smell when you first remove your wig from its package. To remedy this, we recommend airing out synthetic wigs prior to wearing.


Store your wig in a cool, dry place in a wig storage net or on a wig stand, in its styled state. For the best long-term care results, be sure not to store longer wigs in a folded state for long periods of time.