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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Costumes, Accessories and Party Supplies


Get ready to have people running for their lives in these super creepy Texas Chainsaw Massacre costumes! With our incredibly realistic masks and large lifelike chainsaws, the Leatherface costumes at Costume Box are ready to terrify! The dominating lethal character, 'Leatherface', the killer from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, has become an extremely popular Halloween choice. By combining some of the props and accessories at costume box to your costume you are sure to be the scariest Leatherface anyone has ever seen! Carry a bloody chainsaw, some lifelike detached human limbs, and cover your mask with fake blood to look as though you are on another killing spree! There are cheap and simple costume options, made easy by wearing a mask, a bloody apron and carrying some whirring weapons, or there are deluxe complete outfits that depict the monster murderer perfectly. The Costume Box party supplies are also great for decking out your house at Halloween time or even just for the next horror themed party. Create a creepy Haunted Mansion with hanging reapers, creepy ghosts, light up skulls, enough tombstones to make a cemetery and hidden screaming and laughing pumpkins to give your guests a real fright! When you appear in your Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume no one will know which way to run!

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