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Teletubbies Costumes


Looking for group costume ideas? Say 'Eh-Oh!' to our Teletubbies costumes, ideal for couples and groups. The popular children's tv show of the 1990s is a great costume idea for groups who enjoyed the vivid and playful BBC series. Choose from Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po for a costume that will evoke fond childhood memories. Our Teletubbies costumes are great for 90s parties as they are instantly recognisable - all your friends will remember these colourful characters' adventures among the green pastures of Teletubbyland. Our Tinky Winky costume features the character's distinctive purple jumpsuit with a triangle antenna. The Dipsy costume is of course green with a straight antenna. Our yellow Laa Laa costume features a curly antenna and the Po costume in a distinctive red comes with a circular antenna. Along with their vacuum cleaner Noo Noo and the smiling baby-faced sun, these colourful characters delighted a generation of children with their television tummies and playful interactions with the idyllic world around them. Return to that grassy playland and frolic among the rabbits and voice trumpets along with your friends in your matching Teletubbies costumes. But first, make sure you've got the right fit so you don't trip over your feet while you're running up and down those little green hills. Our Customer Service team will be happy to help you out with sizing but you will have to decide who gets to be which Teletubbie by yourself!

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