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Supergirl Costumes, Accessories, Party Supplies and Geeky Gifts


Put your superpowers to the test in a Superwoman costume that will give the man of steel a run for his money. Why should the boys have all the fun of saving the world from destruction? Under a yellow sun like ours your power will know no bounds in a Supergirl costume from Supergirl was a long time in the making, having undergone many identity shifts in the DC Comics universe to arrive in her current form as Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin from the Planet Krypton. Superman's first female equivalent appeared in 1943 when Lois Lane dreamed she had acquired Superman's powers and become Superwoman. The Supergirl or Superwoman character continued to crop up as dreams or visions of other characters and did not take on her own identity until 1959, when Kara Zor-El appeared fully realised thanks to the words of Otto Binder and the illustrations of Al Plastino. Supergirl now has her own hit tv show featuring Melissa Benoist in the title role. Interestingly, the show reverses the origin story of Supergirl in the comic books, where she was sent to Earth by her parents as the last remaining fragments of Krypton were destroyed by a meteor shower. Instead, she is sent to Earth to protect her cousin Kal-El (aka Superman) but her spacecraft is waylaid for 24 years in the Phantom Zone. Rest assured that your order from CostumeBox won't go the way of Kara's spaceship -- we have a 96% on-time delivery rate and we offer 4-hour express shipping in the Sydney area so our Supergirl costumes will make it to your destination faster than the heroine herself.

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