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21 Item(s)

False Ears and Noses


Transform your face with a fake nose or false ears and set your costume look apart! Add a bit of fun for to your dress up costume and pick a nose (sorry about the pun) from CostumeBox. We've hooked noses for witches, big shiny red ones for clowns or look outta this world with a green one for the alien look. Make up can work wonders for any Halloween or any costume for that matter but adding a prosthetic takes the look to a new dimension. Add a pair of pixie ears to your fairy costume, or Dr Spoc outfit. We've also got ears to bring out the real devil in you, red and pointy that slip conveniently over your own ears, or maybe you want to look like a hobbit, an elf or Prince Charles! Pop on a pair of our flesh coloured ears to add that extra special touch.

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